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The consistent innovation in product development at Lanificio Becagli stems both from the company’s technical vocation and the need to offer fabrics that, in achieving new aesthetic and performance features, can compete in the globalized textile market. Lanificio Becagli produces fabrics for both high-performance sports and fashion.


The sports performance textile sector is characterized by a wide range of products for all major international brands. The sports sector is covered by two proprietary brands: “B3” and “CALAMAI TECHNICAL FABRICS.” An example of a specific product for active sports, the B3 Teragon Recycled® is an eco-sustainable “fleece” fabric made from recycled PET. The fabric, soft and elastic, possesses all the classic characteristics of warmth, breathability, and insulation. Constructed around the weaving of three different types of yarn, the material offers a soft feel, comfort, resistance to pilling, and is hypoallergenic.

Among the main areas of current development in the fashion sector, it is worth mentioning jersey knits, “rammagliati” fabrics, built on circular machines with aspects similar to boiled wool, and multi-layer fabrics – constructed by combining different components overlaid to provide technical (thermal, windproof, waterproof) and aesthetic (softness, compactness, stability) characteristics.

The need to explore progressively new sectors has also driven the textile mill to develop collaborations with other companies in related fields, creating technologically innovative and aesthetically appealing woven products, where one surface (internal or external) is made in indestructible knitwear while the other layer ensures high thermal insulation and good breathability. The combination gives the fabrics an appearance and feel that makes them suitable for both active sports and urban sports clothing, offering, for example, high resistance to pilling and abrasion, water repellency, stain resistance, four-way stretch, good breathability, quick drying, color stability.

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