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Lanificio Becagli, a family-owned industrial company, has been working for over fifty years in the creation, production, and distribution of its own innovative fabrics for both the active sports sector and fashion.

Starting from the technical experience of its founder Piero Becagli, with constant innovation, Lanificio has gone through various cycles of conception and maturity of entire product lines. Among the first were the pile fabrics (ecological furs, conceived by the founder around the 1950s) and later, the fleece knits (in Italy called ‘pile’, introduced and perfected with anti-pilling finishing techniques around 1985), for both the fashion and technical-sport sectors.

The staff of technicians and salespeople is organized to respond to the creative requests of clients, both in the sports sector, where the performance qualities of the fabrics are paramount, and in the fashion sector, where the aesthetic component prevails, due both to the construction of the fabrics and to the surface treatment of the same.

Lanificio Becagli, a long-standing company, has been committed to the sustainability of textiles, producing for both sports and fashion. Leveraging the technical expertise of its founder, Piero Becagli, and driven by constant innovation, the company has evolved through various phases of product line development. This includes the early creation of pile fabrics (ecological furs developed in the 1950s) and later, the development of fleece knitting (known in Italy as ‘pile’, introduced and refined with anti-pilling techniques around 1985).

As an example of another eco-sustainable product specific to sports, they have developed B3 Teragon Recycled®, a fabric made from recycled PET. This material, soft and elastic, embodies the essential characteristics of warmth, breathability, and insulation. Constructed by weaving three different types of yarn, it offers comfort, resistance to pilling, and is hypoallergenic.

Lanificio Becagli stands as a symbol of innovation. Through international travel, research, and development, the company successfully anticipates market trends, thereby contributing significantly to new ideas and inspiration for the work of students, clients, and creative professionals.