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Lanificio Becagli, a family-owned industrial company, has been working for over 65 years on the creation, fabric production, and distribution of innovative, sustainable, and quality-controlled fabrics for the fashion industry.

Born in Prato, it has managed over the years to become one of the world’s leading textile manufacturers and a symbol of Italian textile excellence, while maintaining the tradition of craftsmanship.

The fabric, soft and elastic, achieves all the classic characteristics of warmth, breathability, and insulation.

Research and development allow us to anticipate market trends.

Fabrics production

For a long time, the company has been dedicated to the sustainability of fabrics, producing both for sports and fashion. Starting from the technical expertise of its founder, Piero Becagli, with constant innovation, Lanificio has gone through various cycles of conceptualization and maturity of entire product lines, such as the first plush fabrics (eco-fur, conceived by the founder around the 1950s) and subsequently, fleece knitwear (known as ‘pile’ in Italy, introduced and perfected with anti-pilling finishing techniques around 1985).


L’azienda ha sviluppato anche un settore di nicchia per la confezione di capi finiti, prevalentemente giacche moda uomo e donna.